ThinkHR Comply

MBA provides clients with a comprehensive human resources database through ThinkHR Comply.


What's Inside

ThinkHR Comply is a continually updated, online library of the most recent information on HR policies, laws, and best practices. A few of the most popular features inside our library is a broad Q&A Database as well as forms and checklists on for topics including, hiring, time off, compensation, and benefits.

Tools & Resources

  • HR Audit Checklist
  • Broad Q&A Database
  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • Performance Review Tools
  • Job Description Builder
  • Compensation Tool
  • Compliance Guidelines & Checklists
  • Hiring & Termination Guidelines
  • Regional & National HR Compliance News
  • White Paper Library

Get Started


Access to ThinkHR Comply is available to members who are My Benefit Advisor clients.

If you're interested in using My Benefit Advisor for your employee benefits program and gaining access to ThinkHR Comply, contact us today.

What's Inside ThinkHR Comply

The ThinkHR Comply home page features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to quickly access all of the tools and resources provided by ThinkHR Comply. Everything you need to bolster your HR efforts is just one click away.

Q&A Database

ThinkHR Comply's Answerbase has hundreds of questions that have been asked by employers. Users can quickly find reliable information by entering a few keywords or sorting through the Q&A catalog by category.

Employee Handbook Builder

You can easily build a detailed employee handbook with this simple tool. Employee handbooks set employee expectations in the workplace, improve relations between employer and employee, and limit legal exposure to a variety of claims.

Performance Review Tools

Useful documents that allow for effective and streamlined performance review, goal setting, and feedback for both and non-managers. Performance management ensures that your workforce is efficient and aligned with company goals.

Compensation Tool

The goal of the Compensation Tool is to provide timely, reliable, and useful compensation data. You will be able to compare salaries with specific job titles, allowing you to develop an accurate picture of the worth provided by the skills of applicant and current employees.

Job Description Builder

The Job Description Builder guides you through a step-by-step process for building meaningful job descriptions. Just enter a job title and the tool provides you with standard language from the federal O*NET database.

White Paper Library

Our library keeps you informed and compliant with the latest industry news and updates. You have unlimited access to this resource and have the option to be notified as future publications become available.